Do your products have any artificial additives?

NO, all of our products are free of artificial preservatives and stabilizers.

Without preservatives are your products safe from going bad?

YES, our products are totally safe. We are committed to producing products free of artificial fillers so we stick to the primary principle of all products being oil based and not water based. Once water is introduced into a formulation emulsifiers are required to allow oil and water to properly blend and antimicrobial agents are required for protection against the growth of bacteria and fungus.

Without stabilizers will your products melt during shipment?

Some of our products are subject to melt when kept at temperatures above 96 degrees for extended periods of time (mainly our butters and scrubs). To ensure that our products arrive with the intended consistency we ship them with single use cold packs. Once in your possession products will be fine if stored in cool areas below 96 degrees. No leaving products in your car all day in the middle of summer!

Can these products also be used on the face?

Technically yes, HOWEVER, we do not recommend it. Facial skin is more delicate than body skin making it more complex to keep PH balanced and pores unclogged. Stay tuned as we are currently testing various formulations to offer in our upcoming skin care line!

Are your products vegan?

Only our body oil is vegan as our other products contain either beeswax or raw honey.