Urbane Elements

Urbane Elements
      Natural Boutique

Replenishing Service ~ $45 (approx. 45 minutes)

This signature service is developed to aid in muscle recovery and cell regeneration while conditioning and protecting the skin. 

This is an ideal service for DANCERS and RUNNERS who require proper leg and foot care for greater performance. 

Our artisan products handmade with thoughtfully selected natural ingredients are used throughout the service for maximal benefits.  

To enhance relaxation a selection of complimentary hot teas and waters are offered along with the choice of a hot or cold neck compress.     
Your service will include the following focus on the lower legs and feet:

Soaking Bath

    Reduces swelling

    Reduces soreness

    Prevents fungal & bacterial growth

Nail Trim & Buff

    Prevents ingrown toe nails

    Prevents nail tears, splits and snags

    Prevents toe soreness


    Allows for deep penetration of moisturizers

    Prevents skin cracking and peeling

    Manages calluses

Hot Oil Treatment

    Opens pores for deep penetrating moisture

    Relaxes the muscles for effective massage


    Reduces muscle soreness

    Increases toe strength

    Prevents injuries