Love Your Scrub

Beauty bloggers, magazine columnists and dermatologist all state the importance of including a body scrub in your personal care regimen to achieve smooth, glowing, hydrated skin. To offer more details on the benefits of body scrubs, listed below are three reasons to "Love Your Scrub".

  1. Circulation-Massaging into the skin with a circular motion is the most effective way to apply body scrub. Doing so stimulates blood flow thereby improving circulation. Improved circulation aids in flushing out toxins that clog pores causing chest and back acne. Improved circulation can also help reduce the appearance of cellulite by strengthening live tissue ultimately leading to firmer skin tone.

  2. Exfoliation-Removing dead cells that build up on the outer most layer of skin is the quickest way to enhance skin texture and color. The buildup of dead skin cells causes dullness and flakiness, but manual manipulation of a great body scrub will leave the skin with a healthy glow and smooth to the touch. Exfoliation can also accelerate the fading of discoloration associated with scaring.

  3. Hydration-Once dead skin is removed it can better absorb topical moisturizers. The best body scrubs includes moisture rich ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil and raw honey to provide deep penetrating hydration that will condition and repair damaged tissue to reveal resilient healthy skin.

Order an Urbane Elements Naturals body scrub today and step up your personal care game. A body scrub application 2-3 times a week will make you look and feel refreshed. Pretty soon you'll be sharing with others how much you "Love Your Scrub"!