Urbane Elements

Urbane Elements
      Natural Boutique

What We Do

  • We produce personal care products made with thoughtfully selected natural ingredients.
  • We conduct hand, foot & nail care services using well researched less harmful techniques.
  • We aim to inform & inspire our customers to live confidently and present their best selves.

How We Differ

  • Our products are hand made in small batches with pure natural ingredients specifically selected for their therapeutic benefits and aromatic appeal.
  • Our service protocols are developed to keep safety, sanitation and serenity top of mind at all times.

Who We Are

Urbane Elements, LLC is an artisan all natural personal care company.  "Urbane" means refined, polished and sophisticated in manner and "Elements" refers to the essential components used to make a whole.  Together, Urbane Elements, defines the premium products and quality services we are committed to providing.

Our Promise

At Urbane Elements we promise to provide safe and effective products and services with consistent knowledgeable customer care.